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Hi, I'm Devin. My goal is to live life as if it were a story that I would want to share with my future children. In the past that has meant a lot of traveling, learning, and loving. Presently I have settled down in Columbus and I am working on creating a sustainable lifestyle for myself and others. Currently my focus in life is on creating/running a resouce rich learning environment that can be used as an alternative to school. The program/"school" is called the Columbus Learning Cooperative. Learn more at

Summer 2011 - End of cross country bicycle ride

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Welcome to my website. I coded it myself. I aspire to be somewhat of a renaissance man, thus I identify in many ways: a Mathematician, Teacher, Philosopher, Go Player, Traveler, Minimalist, Astronomer, Atheist, Autodidact, Free Thinker, Cyclist, Skier, Swing Dancer, Surfer, Lock Sport Enthusiast, Magician, Juggler, Realistic Sketch Artist, Musician, you get the idea.



I play the ancient and mysterious game of Go. There is a proverb shared with all beginners: "Lose your first hundred games swiftly."
Below are a few individuals I have walked this path with. Click on the images to make them bigger



The Columbus Learning Cooperative

Learn more at

731 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43205
Phone: (614) 943-3252

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